Convenience through Community

Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to have forgotten an item? Or better yet, made a shopping list and later realized that it’s still sitting on the kitchen counter? So frustrating, huh?

That’s where Cup O’ Sugar was born.

This app has been uniquely designed to connect hyper-local communities together with the intention of creating a place where neighbors can share excess food items and request items needed in a pinch. Because let’s be real. We love helping others but many of us hate asking for help ourselves.

Cup O’ Sugar gives users the satisfaction of assisting while removing the awkwardness of asking. Plus, being a good neighbor gets you rewarded. You’ll earn ‘Sugar Cubes’ for every interaction and can cash them in for entertainment and travel vouchers of your choice.

Get to know your next door neighbors by engaging over the master connector: FOOD!

Ahhh finally…a place where inconvenience can foster meaningful connections.

So what do you say, won’t you be my neighbor?

Next Steps...

Become your neighborhood SUPERHERO and download app today!              *iOS Platform Only at this time! Stay tuned for Google Play.