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Our Story

It’s not everyday that you observe a duo like this.

As an Irish-Norwegian Christian woman and a Palestinian Muslim woman, the odds of a budding friendship were against them. But defying odds and going against cultural norms has always been a part of who they are.

In 2012, their paths crossed at a Holistic Moms Network meeting in San Diego, California and the rest is history. 

The countless shared recipes, dinners made together, homemade household products created, learned parenting hacks, lots of reading and attending conferences, this dynamic duo built and developed a strong friendship that has manifested in the ultimate business partnership.

Sure, it might not look plausible from the outside but you’d be surprised at how much similarity there really is. 

So what led to the development of Cup O’ Sugar?

A late night baking “sess” and no eggs!  Their kids were fast asleep and all nearby grocery stores were closed so no options existed. Until Rema decided to text a neighbor and employ the Cup of Sugar philosophy.  Sure enough, 3 eggs were shared and the baking began.

Fast forward a few months to when this concept started taking shape. Brook is passionate about reducing food waste. Rema is driven to establish community and neighborly friendships.

The best of both were brought into one and now you have in your hands a way to help decrease the amount of food waste while connecting with your communities.

Meet the Team


Rema Abedkader

Founder & CEO

12+ years in the non-profit sector with a background in sociology, passionate about solving cultural issues and building stronger communities. 

Between designing and creating, she loves to put her witty personality to the test. Guaranteed she'll have you laughing in no time. She's right handed, right brained, and just right for this team.


Brook Sheehan

Founder & CFO

10+ years in Financial Accounting, 5+ years in Nutritional Sciences, an environmental activist passionate about social change.

Between chiropractic classes and reading books on business and personal development, she can easily become a ball of fire when she starts discussing things that she's passionate about. She's left handed, left brained, and if left up to her, we'd all be activists in our own way.

Dr. Gala Picture

Dr. Thaddeus Gala


CEO and Founder of 3 Integrative Clinics, maintained profitability while increasing the size of the company from 2 to 70 employees in 6 years via a successful acquisition and an aggressive growth plan. Passionate about health and solar energy.

Between running clinics and pursuing his PhD, you can find him soaring high in the sky on his paramotor or outdoors in the mountains.