How it works

Cup O’ Sugar works to build community and reduce food waste by connecting food surpluses with nearby neighbors and removes the “awkwardness” out of the equation if you find yourself without a necessary item and fret asking a neighbor. With it’s dual-sided platform, it allows you to SHARE and/or REQUEST food ingredients in under 30 seconds. 

Simply make your request. Hit SUBMIT and watch your community assist. If you have food items to share, simply SCAN the barcode (or enter the item) and have your listing up in a matter of seconds.

We’re bringing back an old concept with some modern technological flair.


• Built-in UPC scanner for quick upload of food items to share.

• Extensive search features to find exactly what you are looking for.

• Large selection of dietary types to choose from and only see see push notifications of listed items that fit your food preferences.

• 1 to 1 chat feature

• Multiple address inputs to list items that may not be at home but in other places (say work, school, co-working space).

• Trust seals and user rate-ability for safety and protection.

Account Settings

This can be found by clicking on the profile button (bottom right) on the home screen.

Your user profile is the place where you’ll find:

  • Reviews – all reviews left by community members that you’ve interacted with (public)
  • Fun Facts and Favorite Recipe – will reflect what you input either at the time of account setup or on a later date. You’re encouraged to fill this out as a way of getting to know the neighbors (public)
  • Cupboard – the place where all of your listings (previous or present) can be found
    • Items Shared – all the items you’ve posted to share that have been picked up
    • Items Requested – all the items you’ve requested that have been received
    • Current Excess – items that you are currently sharing
    • Current Needs – items that you are currently requesting
  • Bookmarks – any listings that you’ve bookmarked or saved can be viewed here
  • Saved Addresses – all addresses that you have in your account can be viewed here. You can also make any necessary changes here too. (this IS and WILL ALWAYS remain private; unless you share with your neighbor in the chat module)
  • Sweet Rewards Shoppe – the place to go to redeem your earned Sugar Cubes

Editing Your Account Info: 

In the top right corner, click on the pencil icon. From here you can make modifications to your account, i.e. updating your Dietary Preferences, adding in your favorite recipe and fun fact, etc.

Sweet Rewards Shoppe

Being a good neighbor gets you rewarded. Earn ‘sugar cubes’ for each interaction and redeem for travel (hotel bookings) and restaurant vouchers.

Inside the Sweet Rewards Shoppe is where you can peruse through many local listings and redeem your earnings. Please note: You need a minimum of 250 Sugar Cubes to open up the Travel Category.

Navigating to the shoppe: 

Click on the profile button (bottom right) on the home screen > Scroll to the bottom of screen > Click on Sweet Rewards

**Travel Vouchers are redeemable through a 3rd party site, When you click redeem, it will bring you to a new screen that gives you a voucher code. This code will also be emailed to you at the email provided when you signed up for the app. You have the option to create an account with Sleep Discounts (highly recommended because it saves your voucher details in your account). You DO NOT have to use the voucher right away. If you choose to save it for a future booking, the information will be saved.

How to Earn Sugar Cubes and Badges

Earn Sugar Cubes in 1 of 5 ways! Let them accumulate and earn a badge. 

  • User shares item that is grabbed – 5 sugar cube
  • User grabs an item that is available – 3 sugar cube
  • User makes a request for item and is helped – 3 sugar cube
  • User helps neighbor in need – 5 sugar cube
  • Leaving a user review –  2 sugar cube

Badge Levels:

100-249 Cubes –  Sweet and Low
250-499 Cubes – Agave
500-749 Cubes – Stevia
750- 999 Cubes – Maple Syrup
1000+ Cubes – Pure Honey

Updating Mileage
Currently the interface of the app will default to AUTO, which will show all listings whether 0 miles or 1000+ miles away. To make a change to this, simply navigate to the top left on the home screen where you see the street name you are currently at and click on that. It will open up a new screen that will allow you to select the mileage distance of your choice. No need to save. Once selected, it will update automatically.