Meet Suzy

A stay at home mom with 3 kids (ages 8,5, and 6 months). Suzy starts her mornings early to get a jump start on the day. Preparing breakfast, packing lunches, and enjoying a cup of coffee with her husband before he heads off to work. Kids get up, get dressed, and quickly scarf down breakfast. She loads the car, drops the 2 older kids off at school and returns home. The baby is happily content attached to mama in the baby carrier as she begins to tidy up the house. The most important task of the day – bake cupcakes for her son’s school fundraiser that is due by 11:45 am. Suzy completes the chores around the house and lays the baby down for a nap. She has a few minutes to herself before she needs to start preparing the cupcakes. To her dismay, she realizes that she needs 6 eggs but only has 4. Getting to a grocery store is possible but that requires waking the baby and a lot more extra time that she doesn’t have. Suzy reaches for her iPhone and clicks into the ‘Cup O’ Sugar’ app. She runs a quick search to see if anyone has listed eggs in her neighborhood but does not find any. The app has a REQUEST ITEMS feature where Suzy quickly types out her ask for eggs. Her post gets sent out to her neighborhood in less than 30 seconds. Within a few minutes, a neighbor a few doors down who received the push notification contacted her and was able to help. With trust seals and profile verification, Suzy is confident about this interaction. She gently places the sleeping baby back into the carrier to meet Mary, another mom and pick up the eggs. Suzy was able to bake those cupcakes on time and as a result of using the Cup O’ Sugar platform, Mary and her have built a budding friendship. Are you or someone you know – a Suzy? Help us help the Suzy’s of the world.

Meet Sarah

A recently divorced mom of a special needs child who moved into an apartment complex near her child’s school. Because of food allergies, she needs to be extra careful about the things she purchases or brings into the home. However, she has discovered many food items that don’t fit into her family’s dietary guidelines any longer and wants to give them away. Thankfully, her apartment complex utilizes the ‘Cup O’ Sugar’ platform making sharing easy. Sarah selects SHARE ITEMS and effortlessly uploads each item onto the platform using the built-in UPC scanner that links to an extensive food database. These items didn’t go to waste and her neighborhood members benefited. She feels good about her contribution to her community and is also supported by that same community when she is in need. Are you or someone you know – a Sarah? Help us help the Sarah’s of the world.

Meet Richard

An out-of-state first year college student living in the dorms on campus. Money is tight and the food budget even tighter. Sharing and requesting food ingredients on the Cup O’ Sugar app allows Richard to stretch that dollar further and expand his options of food to eat. This makes his college experience that much greater and he’s been able to meet more students this way. Are you or someone you know – a Richard? Help us help the Richard’s of the world.

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